Bachelor thesis

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What is a bachelor thesis?

The bachelor thesis, also known as BA work, is a scientific work that students have to write on a given or self-selected assignment under the guidance of an academic supervisor within a period of usually twelve weeks. This work serves the successful completion of a study program. Through a BA thesis you prove as a student that you are able to handle a research problem independently in a scientific way.

The grading of this written work affects the overall grade up to 20 percent. For the assessment of the bachelor thesis you have to successfully complete all courses and examinations of the orientation phase as well as of the entire study program. The prerequisite for admission to this written work is a minimum of 20 to 30 ECTS points (European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System).

This thesis offers students the opportunity to gain an internationally recognized degree. Thus, you can even complete a master’s degree abroad with a bachelor’s degree. The Bachelor enables easier and faster entry into the professional world.

As a rule, current topics are selected for this scholarly work so that the work provides more information and logically appropriate facts about modern science. Ideas and acquired knowledge developed during the work process can later be used for further research.

Formal requirements for an excellent BA thesis:

  • In the examination regulations there are regulations for the topics of the Bachelor Theses. These rules help in finding a topic. From the list of possible questions you choose the exact task in interaction with the suggestions of the supervisor.
  • Finding the right supervisor on the subject is the next essential step. After setting up a supervisor and a topic for the job, you need to enroll the BA work at the Examinations Office and receive the submission date for the job. Depending on the university, you have to complete the work within two to four months.
  • Ideally, one begins the processing time with the literature search or reading the literature. A timetable helps the students complete the work on time. Suggestions from the supervisor.

Before submitting, you should have the work proofread.

Outline of the bachelor thesis

1st cover sheet

  • Table of contents
  • Introduction

4th main part

  • Summary / Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Appendix
  • Declaration of independence

Tips for a proper handling of the bachelor thesis

Sources help with writing the text and creating an outline.

In the literature research one has to go from the general to the concrete. First you start with the textbooks and then gradually you go to essays and monographs. So you go deeper into the topic. The selection of literature is extremely important. After you get closer to the current state of research, you are welcome to look at older works or foreign-language literature. It is recommended to use different sources and databases. Current journals, bibliographies, libraries, Internet, bookstores are suitable specialist sources. When searching for topics, reading the literature is important, whereas you should read carefully in the writing process.

The self-organization when writing the bachelor thesis includes its own working time planning.

A rough plan, which also includes breaks, catching up and reading and last but not least writing, leads to successful work. Before submitting, you should read all the work and make necessary corrections. It is best to plan it so that the work is done at least one week before the delivery. So there is enough time to do an editing of the bachelor thesis.

Reasonable working methods are part of good organization.

The reading technique, contents Exzerpieren, knowledge of different outline patterns and thorough research are the methods. Factual keywords, facts, results, working method and remarks of a source / author are useful to excerpt from the literature.


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